The Best Light Fixtures to Hang Over a Tub

Now before I write this post I have to disclaimer that hanging a beautiful chandelier over your tub is against code and could be an electrical hazard... do not try this at home unless you are just a sucker for good design like me. ;)

We've all seen it right? A stunning tub made even more stunning by a gorgeous light fixture hanging above it. 

image via

We recently did one in our clients pretty bath nook. 

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The key to finding the perfect fixture to put over a tub is to find something that stands out on it's own.    I like pieces that have interesting shapes or are really intricate.   If you put something boring over your tub you won't be accentuating it you'll just be downplaying it. 

Here are a few favorites. 

image via House Beautiful 

And if you're really worried about going against code you can just put one near the tub like this! 

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