Getting Ready....

I don't know what has come over me but I am SO excited for Christmas this year! The other day I looked longingly at my calendar and asked my husband if it would be bad if I just flipped it over to December already. 

I know people can get annoyed when Christmas creeps into November but I can't help myself! 

My decorations are up, all of my gifts are ordered and on their way, my christmas cards are ready to be sent out, I have all my Christmas candles lit, the music is playing... I'm ready!! 

This year I ordered my cards from Minted. They have an AMAZING selection of beautifully designed cards. It was almost impossible to decide! I was ecstatic when they arrived last week in the mail. Minted is seriously awesome. Stay tuned later this month for a special giveaway from them. 

I was also able to come across some beautiful wrapping paper at Home Goods last week. 

The faux crocodile one is  my favorite.

I ordered some pretty gift tags from this etsy seller

I know, I know it's only half-way through November. I do have wonderful Thanksgiving plans so I'm not totally neglecting it. I am just making sure I am prepared for next month! 

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