Your Chance to Win a Window Treatment of Your Choice From Windows By Melissa

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that I love using Windows by Melissa for projects. She does a great job at roman shades, curtains etc. 

photo taken by Megan via Me and Wee

I even had her do the roman shade in Jane's Nursery

You have a chance to win a free window treatment of your choice from Windows by Melissa. 
She is doing an Ugly Fabric Challenge. Sounds intriguing no? 

Here is how you can enter, send Melissa a link to an ugly fabric. She will then do a blog post with the fabric choices and then pick the top 3 ugliest fabric and make window treatments out of them. Then the readers will vote on their favorite window treatments (favorite for whatever reason: ugliest, best looking for the material, etc). The winner will get a free window treatment of their choice, fabric included (not the ugly fabric, but fabric of their choice). And each participant will get a coupon or credit.

Go to her website to get more information on entering! 

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