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It's a new week!  Last week I potty trained Jane and it was rough... I think we're 75% there so that's a reason to rejoice! We went and saw Cinderella. So So So good.  It's really visually stunning. Speaking of visually stunning... here are some pretties from last week! 

image via BHG

1 || I love these bathrooms but especially this shower
2 || All of these quotes are beautiful and free! 
3 || Super cool towel bar
4 || Love this shower curtain
5 || How adorable is this old suitcase DIY

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6 || I instagrammed these shoes last week because I LOVE them. So perfect for Spring. I'm always on the hunt for practical/cute shoes. 
7 ||  love this wallpaper so I loved this DIY
8 || I'm always looking for good lipstick ideas

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